How does the rental process work?

Click Here to review our linen process summary. Ordering online is easy but should you need help, our team members will be there to help you along the way.

Where are you located? Do you have a showroom?

We are located in Miami, FL – right off the Bird Road Exit off the Palmetto Expressway. Although this is our only location, we do ship nationwide via UPS.

We highly encourage you to visit our showroom.  We'll actually do a mock table set-up for you so you can do more than visualize!  (Bring your color swatch if you are looking to match a specific color.)  Showroom visits are by appointmentonly.  By scheduling an appointment, you can be sure that our staff willbe available to show you various rental options and to answer all of yourquestions. 

Do you schedule evening or weekend appointments?

We are usually setting up events during those times, but exceptions can be made. We often suggest that if a lunch hour appointment isn’t possible, take an afternoon off from work and schedule a series of vendor appointments to make the most use of a vacation day.

Can you send out samples or swatches?

We are happy to send out swatches and samples. Swatches are mailed free of charge. We will only charge you for the shipping.Please contact one of our representatives if you would like to request a sample.

Do you ship products nationwide? How much is shipping?

We ship via UPS and the cost depends on delivery location and weight.You can gWe do not know the exact shipping cost of any order until it is packedand weighed for shipping; however, we can get you a shipping quote for proposalpurposes.

How do we ship back your products after the event?

When we ship your products to you, we enclose pre-paid return shippinglabels. After your event, re-pack the used linens into the laundry bag that weprovided for your dirty laundry. The return-shipping label is already attachedto the duffel bag. Take the bag to a location where UPS picks up. Many times, that will be at the location where you had your event. Otherwise, use thenearest UPS Store. We ask that you ship our products back to us on the firstbusiness day after your event.Shouldthe linens not be sent back by that date, depending on when we receive it back, you can incur additional rental charges.

Are there things you will not ship?

Yes, we can not ship any of our chairs or glass charger plates.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum size order. In most cases you can order just whatyou need. However, we do have a minimum of $100.00 order for us to deliver your order in the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area.

How far in advance should I place my order?

We operate on a first come, first served basis so the sooner you placeyour order the better. We have a large inventory and are usually able to filllast minute orders, but if there is a specific linen or chair cover you want tobe sure to get, you’ll want to get the order placed and confirmed as soon asyou know what you need.

What linens go best for my event?

Our team can help you decide what color combinations work well and whatsizes would look right.Floor lengthlinens are standard for formal events such as wedding receptions and corporatedinners. They also hide the legs of rental tables, which can be less thanattractive. Lap length linens are fine for luncheons, birthday parties, andother casual affairs.Contact Us

Do the chair covers come with sashes?

Standard chair covers do not include sashes, but we have a large variety of sashes available for rent (please inquire for colors/fabrics).

How do I determine what size linens to use?

First, you need to know the dimensions of the tables you will be using.Most standard tables are 30” high. For a round table, take the diameter of the table and add 60” (for the drop on both sides). Example: If your table is a standard 72” diameter, use a 132” round tablecloth to go to the floor, or use a108” round tablecloth for lap length (overlay).

For more specificinformation see our Size Selection Chart orfeel free to consult with our team.

What happens if we damage or lose something?

Don’t worry about any food related stains. Our laundry can get all ofthat out. Please be careful with candles. We will charge you replacement costsfor linens returned with burn-holes or rips. Be sure to count your rental itemsbefore you send them back to us. We charge replacement costs for missingitems.Please note that mildew willalmost always destroy a linen and you will incur replacement charges forproducts returned with mildew. Mildew grows rapidly in damp warm sealedenvironments such as a plastic bag. If they are wet, please allow damp linensto dry before packing them back to us. Call us first if you have any concerns, we are here to minimize anydamages that could occur.

Do you ever sell any of your products or are you strictly rental?

We are strictly rental only. Our unique product selection is one reasonwhy we stand above other rental companies and as such, we do not disclose oursources.

Can I arrange for my order/payments to be taken outside of Contempo's online shopping system?

Yes, many customers prefer to place their orders via telephone, fax oremail. We can generate quotes, reservations and invoices.Clients may also opt to send us payments anddeposits via mail or wire T/T.If youwould prefer to handle any transactions outside our website, please Contact Us

Do you set up events? What is the charge for that?

We do offer labor to set up your event. The cost for set up can vary depending on location, floor andrequirement. However, we only provide labor in the Miami/Ft, Lauderdale area.

What day will I get my order? How long is a rental period?

In general, we ship/deliver so that your rental items arrive 2 businessday before your event. We request that you arrange for the return to be in theUPS system on the first business day after your event. For events in theMiami/Ft.Lauderdale area, we will schedule our drivers to pick up orders that we delivered on the date specified on your order. As many events take place on Saturday, we typically deliver on Friday and pick up on Monday.

Can I pick up my order?

If you live in the South Florida area and prefer to pick up your order and avoid shipping charges, you may do so during our regular business hours.M-F 9 AM to 5 PM.

Do you offer special packages for venues, caterers, florist. etc?

Contempo caters to many hotel chains, venues, caterers, florist andevent coordinators.We do have packagesand pricing discounts specifically tailored to repeat clients who reach certainmonthly limits and meet our B2B criteria. Please contact one of our representatives so that we can review your requirement and create a custom program for your business.

What happens if I have a last minute change?

We always recommend you account for extras so that you can be preparedin the event you have last minute additions. However, we will strive to accommodate any changes you have up untilyour event.So if the Friday morningbefore the event you realize you need something else, please call us so that wecan look at all possible options to deliver your items in time.